What does it mean to be a Life Member? 

Becoming a Life Member of PolSoc is a reward for those who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our Society and it's principles of neutrality, transparency, democracy and inclusiveness.

Those who are Life Members shall always remain on our books as members of the Society and shall be remembered here on the PolSoc website in accordance with our charter. There are several pathways to being granted this special membership status:

A. Being voted President of the Society at an AGM; or,

B. Serving as a member of the Executive Committee for a minimum of 3 terms; or,

C. Winning an award from the Politics Society (excluding Rostra awards); or,

D. Being an individual deemed worthy of Life Membership by a majority of the Executive Committee.

What does it mean to be a Prefect?

Those who fulfill the requirements of Life Membership thrice over shall be rewarded with the title of Prefect. For their extraordinary services to PolSoc and it's principles, those with the title of Prefect will always have voting rights at meetings. They cannot however vote on matters of confidence, decisions that affect the overall financial strategy of the society, or on any other matters where their voting ability is restricted by the Society’s Appendices.

List of PolSoc Life Members (LM) and/or Prefects (P)

Lars Thompson (LM x2)

Lars led the PolSoc Reformation Exec, having been elected President 19th of May 2016. He put a focus on community building throughout his term. The Thompson administration was notable for constitutional reforms, forming Rostra and PAV Subcommittees, bringing back the PolSoc website, securing discounts for Society cardholders, it's Brexit Panel Discussion, Mayoralty debate and Drinks with a Politician series. He joined the Renaissance Exec as the first Editor of Rostra and the second PolSoc rep on the VUWSA Clubs Council, helping organise the first SGM of Clubs. He received another life membership upon being elected Chief of Staff for the Visionary Exec and then served a final term as Rostra Editor in the Fifth PolSoc Executive.

Damon Rusden


The Reformation Exec voted Vice President Damon a Life Member as he was the first ever member of the PolSoc Exec to run for Parliament (contesting the Napier Electorate for the Green Party). Damon had all the qualities of an ideal Vice President, supportive, hardworking and principled. Damon was always active in contributing to executive discussions and was not afraid to take on a leadership role when called upon. Throughout his time on the executive he was involved in many projects, and in particular played a significant part in organizing the 2016 Mayoralty debate, as well as playing a key supporting role in the Syrian Civil War Panel Discussion.

William Wilkinson


William served on the Reformation Executive as Chief of Staff and became leader of the Renaissance Executive. He was elected PolSoc President on April 6th 2017. The Wilkinson administration made hosting diverse and engaging events in the society's first election year a top priority. Standouts included the wildly popular Wellington Central Electorate debate, our first Youth Wing Debate, the Women in Politics Panel, as well as the continuation of the Drinks with a Politician series. For his efforts as President, he received a gold award at the 2017 Supreme Club Awards.


Jack Donovan (LM)

The Renaissance Executive voted General Executive Officer Jack a Life member as he was the first PolSoc Exec member to be elected to Victoria's Student Association VUWSA (as their Treasurer). Notably during his time with PolSoc, he interviewed the Green Co-leaders for Rostra and also served as MC for the Wellington Central Electorate debate, one of PolSoc's biggest events to date. Jack was always keen to put his hand up and give things a go, undertaking tasks with a characteristic enthusiasm and wit.


Teri O'Niell


The Renaissance Executive voted Chief of Staff Teri a Life Member in acknowledgement of her significant contributions to PolSoc, while still being actively involved in the wider political community. This included being successfully elected as President of her political youth wing. Teri has all the qualities of an ideal Chief of Staff, being Diligent, professional, and a consensus builder. She not only recorded and drafted executive minutes in the role, but was active in contributing to event planning, discussion and mediation. Teri interviewed Act Leader David Seymour for Rostra, and was also MC for our Women in Politics Discussion Panel.

Dayna life membership.jpg

Dayna Vautier (LM)

Dayna was the Victoria Clubs Representative/ Registration Officer for the Foundation and Reformation Executives. She was also the first PolSoc representative on the VUWSA Clubs Council. The Renaissance Exec voted Dayna a Life Member in acknowledgement of her significant contributions to PolSoc, as well as her involvement in the wider political community. This included being successfully elected President of her political youth wing. Despite a busy workload she always made time for PolSoc, being an outspoken and active member of the team. Dayna helped make PolSoc better at engaging all sides of the political spectrum.


Rabeea Inayatullah


Rabeea led the Visionary Executive and was the first woman President of the Society. She was elected President on April 5th 2018. The Inayatullah administration put a real focus on how the Society can help ensure young people engage with politics in meaningful ways, while being a diverse, accessible community everyone can enjoy. Stand out events included the Pride in Politics collaboration with Uni-Q, as well as the first ever Politics Week organised by the society, which included round table discussions, a quiz night, Youth Wing Debate, Women in Politics Panel and the Fourth AGM.